Connect Your House

Connect Your House and Make it a ‘Smart Home’

It’s summer time and the next heat wave is just around the corner, wouldn’t it be nice to come home to a house at the perfect temperature.  Or when you walk into a room the light comes on automatically, you never have to sit at work wondering if you locked the door you can just check using your phone.  Smart homes may seem like they would be expensive or it’s some kind of futuristic technology but that’s not the case.  It’s easier than you think to connect your house.

The technology is here now and it’s not as difficult to use or install.  Adding smart features to your existing home isn’t that hard you can probably make it a weekend project.  There are all kinds of small appliances, light bulbs and thermostats that are smart that you can use and install yourself.  Most are even more energy efficient than what you have now so not only is your home cool you’re saving money too.  Here are some fairly easy ways to convert your home with smart features.  Here are a handful of upgrades you can add to the wish list.

Light Bulbs

Change out those old energy sucking incandescent light bulb for wifi connected LEDs.  They will cost you a bit more than the average light bulb, but they will last longer and they can be connected to your PC, laptop or Smartphone.  Changing the whole house all at once might a little pricey but you can start by going one room at a time.

The Front Door

If you have ever left the house without locking the door, or spent ten minutes running around looking for your keys, you’re not alone EVERYBODY does it.  Smart locks can change all that, you can lock remotely and your house can alert you when someone comes in or out.  They are not that expensive and it’s a convenient update to make sure your home stays secure.

Fire Alarms

Fire alarms should be checked annually so instead of just replacing the battery opt for a smart alarm.  Connected directly to your cell phone in case of a fire, you can contact the fire department immediately.

The Garage Door

A smart garage door opener is one of the fastest and easiest ways to connect your home and you can do it in an afternoon.  The only tool you will really need besides an internet connection is a screwdriver and you won’t be sharing the frequency anymore with the neighbors.

The Microwave

Smart microwaves come with sensors that can monitor your food, so no more burnt popcorn.  They can even scan the meal you’re heating up and email you recipes to go along with it….how cool is that?